Wine’s in their blood


Four generations of blood, sweat and passion in every bottle of McGuigan wine…
It all began with Owen Patrick McGuigan. As a young dairy farmer in the Hunter Valley he toiled to provide for his family in the early years of the last century. Different times, harder times, and Owen would take on extra work at harvest, picking grapes. So one family’s deep connection with wine began.
Owen’s son, Perc McGuigan, determined to give his family more than a labourer could hope for, worked his way tenaciously in the burgeoning Hunter wine industry, from tending the vines to shaping the wines that in turn shaped the region’s reputation.
Perc was eventually inducted as a Hunter Valley Living Legend. Always open to new ways of thinking about wine, he imparted this creative philosophy of open-minded enquiry to his own sons, Brian and Neil.
Their contribution to family tradition, and to wine tradition, has been celebrated all over the world, as the only winery to be honoured with the international award “World’s Best Winemaker” a record three times. Consider the competition, from everywhere that wine is made, and see how far the family has come from the dreams of their proud forebears.
The 2011 McGuigan “Farms” Shiraz remembers the humble roots of Owen McGuigan, farmer, and Perc the Hunter visionary. From the Barossa Valley, this wine shows how the reach of the McGuigan family has spread, into other iconic wine regions, and always with an eye towards excellence. A flavour symphony of blackberries, olives, spice and chocolate, it’s a proudly explosive and enveloping wine, in all the best ways and then some. This is a defining wine for the Australian palate, and what wine lovers everywhere want in an Aussie red bred in distinguished tradition.
One man’s influence over his own destiny changed not merely a family’s history, but reshaped the very wine landscape of Australia, and further into the world.

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