Wine the way it’s meant to be enjoyed


A Coonawarra cabernet gem, at its perfect age.
The English poet William Blake insightfully remarked, “The best wine is the oldest.”
Sad, then, that these days few get to experience what it is to drink wine the way it’s meant to be enjoyed, with years under its belt and the extra qualities that come from maturity.
So, we offer to you the opportunity to drink wines in their prime – specially selected lots, laid down in our cellar to be brought out only when the time is right, and they have moved beyond the precocious fruit of youth into the depths of flavour that only come with age.
Wine is a living thing, and continues to change in the bottle. The juicy primary fruit flavours dominate in a young wine. As it ages, these don’t disappear, but become entrancingly entangled with secondary flavours that provide savoury style to the wine, and improve its matching to food even further.
Coonawarra is not just the reputed home of cabernet sauvignon in Australia, it’s esteemed as one of the world’s great cabernet sites. Legends of cab sav come from here.
This 2009 Shortlist Cabernet Sauvignon from Coonawarra shows all the delicious dark fruits you’d expect, intense blackberry and black cherry. Age has deepened the wine’s complexity, bringing a mouth-filling mellowness to the wine, with mature savoury notes of earth and leather.
Enjoy with red meats, hard cheeses, and old stories swapped between friends into the night.

Discover the McGuigan The Shortlist Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon