World’s best wine


World’s best wine, says world’s best wine magazine.
McGuigan 2007 The Shortlist Semillon wins International Trophy in Decanter magazine’s “world’s biggest wine competition.
Lovers of Hunter Valley Semillon know its charms well. Bright and crisp in youth, it ages with grace into rich toast and honey flavours, still retaining its refreshing length and acidity.
It’s one of the world’s truly unique wine styles, a genuine testament to terroir (so often a misused and abused term) – and arguably the greatest ageing white wine on earth.
Last year, McGuigan’s 2007 The Shortlist Semillon was awarded, at the Decanter World Wine Awards, the International Trophy for “Best White Single-Varietal”. First of all it had to beat off the toughest challengers from Australia, then blitz the best that Europe had to offer.
In the judges’ words, “Ultimately it was one of the wine world’s most renowned marriages – Hunter Valley and Semillon – that seized the prize, the wine acclaimed for its tremendous precision, weight and pure varietal expression.”
Senior winemaker Peter Hall, accepting the award, acknowledged, “for us, this wine is all about showing the benefits of Semillon maturation… The 2007 vintage is a classic example of how this style evolves over time.”
If you’ve never tried great white with the benefits of bottle age, treat yourself (and mind, these wines are a fraction of the price of European whites esteemed for their ageing):
If you prefer your sem young, crisp and refreshing, fresh-lemon-bright and just asking for seafood, then grab a case, enjoy them now, but leave a bottle or two for a few years and prepared to be blown away:
And if you’ve anything of a sweet tooth, you should know that Hunter sem also makes dessert wines to stand alongside the great (and prohibitively pricey) sweet wines of Sauternes in France.
This wine is equally knockout with desserts, cheese, and if you want to keep it simple, just fresh stone fruits and cream (a little tip here – drizzle a little of the wine over the peaches or apricots, then sip the rest, pure heaven).